Gold Vargahan Deposite-Ardebil


The Gold Vargahan deposit is located in Meshkin-Shahr, Ardebil province. This area is located in the south of Salavat Mountains and almost lower areas around the Ghareh-Sou river. Morphological gradient in the whole region is intense. Due to the extensive effects of alteration and evidence of mineralization, the region has been studied by foreign and domestic geologists. The range is located in a small part of the southwest of geological sheet 1: 100,000 in Lahrud. The oldest known stones in the area are the pre-Cretaceous sedimentary deposits of colored blends. The major part of the range consists of volcanic and Pyroclastic rocks that are often altered by hydrothermal solutions.

Satellite image of Vargahan mining range


Mineralization potential

so far, in addition to geological studies and remote sensing processing, 56 samples have been taken for studying alteration patterns, and have been analyzed using Fire assay for gold and ICP for other elements. The presence of anomalies of the elements of gold, copper, lead, silver, molybdenum, antimony and barium are present in the range with the levels of mineralization, and along with the pattern of alterations and their expansion in the range, the probability of the presence of porphyry type mineralization will increase in the range.


Upcoming events

  • Completion of exploratory activities in accordance with the proposed exploration to the industry, mining and trade of Ardebil province.