Qazi Vali Gold and Copper deposit – East Azerbaijan


Qazi-vali gold and copper deposit is located in the west of the city of Myaneh in the province of East Azerbaijan. This area, with a total area of ​​6.33 square kilometers, is located in geological sheet of 1/100,0000 of Hashtrood (Saraskand), limited to the villages of Qazi-Vali, Dash Blaq and Aghorin.

Geology of this area is included volcanic and pyroclastic Eocene unites such as Ancesite, Latite, Breccia Tuff, Sandstone Tuff, Basalt and Oligocene unites such as Riolite and Riodacite and also Pliocene Sediment unites and finally Quaternary Alluvials. In this area, 41 samples of sediment discharge with a mesh sieve of 80 and 15 heavy mineral specimens with mesh sieve of 20 have been analyzed by the ICP publication method for 36 elements.

View of mine ore

Upcoming events

The program of exploration from the preparatory and supplementary stages started according to the program presented to the industry and mine of East Azerbaijan province in two areas and will be completed within two years.