Qapagh-Tape Gold and Copper Deposite-East Azarbaijan


The Gold and copper deposit of the Qabagh-Tape located on the southwest of the city of Myaneh in the province of East Azarbaijan. This mining area is restricted to the villages of Qabagh-Tape and Khatoon-Abad on the north, and to the villages of Abdul-Rahmanloo and Qale-Jouq in the south and south-east.

The Qabagh-Tape with 36.5 km2 area located on the Hashtrod (Saraskand) 1:100000 sheet and East Azerbaijan Province. Geology of this area includes volcanic and pyroclastic units of Eocene to Quaternary, such as Andesite, Latite, Breccia tuff, Sandstone, Basalt and Oligocene units such as acidic tuff and finally quaternary basalt lavas. Granite intrusive mass was observed in small sections and field visits.

The available data of this area include the Channel(Waterway) Geo-chemical Information Layer. This area is located on the Urumieh-Dokhtar magma-tic arc and shows the potential of mineralization and alteration associated with intrusive bodies and depended epidermal systems. In the past, scattered exploration studies have been conducted mostly regionally in this area. At first, In order to investigate the potential of this area, 12 mineralized samples were taken from the alteration and mineralization sections.

In the scope of this area, 78 channel (waterway) sediment sample with 80 mesh sieve and 31 heavy mineral samples with 20 mesh sieve have been taken.


Future plans (Upcoming events)

According to the program presented to the industry and mine of East Azerbaijan province, the program of exploration from the preparatory and supplementary stages will be started in two areas and will be completed within two years.