South Hindu Abad-Ardestan Copper’s Mine, Isfahan


Ardestan Hindu Abad copper mine is located 12 km south of Ardestan city. This mine …
is located about 3 km away from the main road of Ardestan-Naiein. The exploration permit of the copper range of southern Ardestan Hindu Abad has been issued on map 1: 250,000 Kashan and has been issued with approval of the exploration plan. Preliminary and comparative exploration activities have been carried out in south of Hindu Abad Ardestan copper mine in accordance with the exploration plan and followed by a Certificate of Discovery and Exploitation license issued by Sadr World Mining Development Company.


Google Earth image of southern Hindustan mine in Ardestan

The potential of mineralization range

The morphology of mine area is low mountain and most of the mine reserve is located in slopes and low altitude areas. Lithology of this area composed of basalt, andesite, dacite and tuff, and epidotization and quartz veins observed in the central part. calc alkalin andesites are more abundant In this area. in most cases, the host rock of mineralizatin is Basalt, Andesite and Tuff. In the central part of the area was the evidences of mineralization and reservation zone of andesite with vertical veins and dykes that formed on both sides of alteration and Calcite and Quartz veins.

Ardestan area includes two sections of mineralization. Within the area number 1, copper oxide veins are explored and documented in the exploitation license in this part of the range. In addition, area number 2 includes a silica vein with an apparent thickness of up to 40 meters that surface data indicating copper mineralization in this part of the area. The company’s future exploration plans are focused on this part of the range.

Mineral material in exploratory drilling cores


Future plans (Upcoming events)

  • Completion of exploration on the vein of area number 2
  • Extractor design on area number 1
  • The construction of pilot processing based on the results of studies