Exploration Activities

  • The international organizing committee for the world mining congress (2018) has ranked Iran as the 10th country in the world in terms of total minerals production in 2016. Mineral resources are the lifeblood of the economy. Therefore, a detailed analysis to identify potential regions is crucial for a sustainable and well-functioning economy.
  • According to International Organizing Committee for the World Mining Congress (2018) has placed Iran, in terms of copper and gold production 16th and 53 in the world respectively. Sadr Jahan expects to find the copper/gold (Cu- Ag) mineralization through the exploration program. Although key large deposits of copper and gold mines are still underdeveloped in this land. In order to enhance the sustainability of mining industry, Sadr Jahan focuses on innovative solutions along the entire value chain.
  • Sadr Jahan’s progress in pursuit of the company’s objectives has been set sort of strategies regarding their activities in mining industry and government targets for economic development, Social well-being and environmental protection.  Therefore, Optimizing R&D support for exploration could be our turning point. Accordingly, since our establishment, we acquired more geoscience knowledge and advisors from exploration companies to reduce the sources of discontentment. Our explored states include Kerman, Khorasan, Zanjan, Azarbayejan and Esfehan.