Every day, we start our work hoping to achieve two aims: inspire and motivate our stakeholders and make the world a little bit better. In February 2014, Sadr Jahan established and set out to be a different company in mining sector. One that not only bring and trade the valuable metals, but also brought our careful respect to the environment. The name, inspired by the Persian meaning of Sadr (Top) and Jahan (World). Sadr Jahan’s objective is to become holding company of Kharazmi cooperate group alongside the above aims.

Our Business

  • Mining process stages includes prospecting (Mineral deposits) and exploration (ore body), development, extraction, refining and reclamation
  • Doing international business activities (sell/purchase agreement which includes warranty and guarantee) by providing all documentary credit process in accordance with import/export regulations.
  • Typically, raw materials such as metal ores, rocks require a sequence of treatments which can defined as a production line process. Installation and commissioning of equipment in mining, excavating and yellow goods in order to support ancillary equipment requirements of our mining industry components. From the above statement, Sadr Jahan looking to achieve horizontal and vertical integration by internal expansion, acquisition and merging around the world by choosing partners that reflect our core values.
  • Expanding the company by preparing comprehensive business plans which might includes entering into a relationship by a binding contract, participating in public and private tender, obtaining finance, loans or credits, from domestic and foreign financial institutions.