From Low Grade Deposits to Sustainable Business

Every day, we start our work hoping to achieve two aims: inspire and motivate our stakeholders and make the world a little bit better. In February 2014, Sadr Jahan established and set out to be a different company in mining sector. One that not only bring and trade the valuable metals, but also brought our careful respect to the environment. The name, inspired by the Persian meaning of Sadr (Top) and Jahan (World). Sadr Jahan’s objective is to become holding company of Kharazmi cooperate grope alongside the above aims.



The International Organizing Committee For The World Mining Congress (2018) Has Ranked Iran As The 10th Country In The World In Terms Of Total Minerals Production In 2016. Mineral Resources Are The Lifeblood Of


Sadr Jahan’s Project In This Stage Must Be Shovel-Ready And Completed The Feasibility Study To Enter To The Next Stage. Extractive Methods Can Be Classified As Open-Pit Mining Or…


Sadr Jahan Attempts To Turn Ores To Valuable Minerals With The Latest Technology In This Industry. Currently, The Company Is Moving To More Widespread Mining …


Sadr Jahan Strategy-Based Approach Towards Optimizing R&D Support In Sustainable Development Leads To Increase Demand And Supply Chain Of Mining Industry.


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Proven Results from our Broadcasting Clients

The sports division of a major broadcaster needed to consolidate and streamline access to the large volume of content it uses on a weekly basis. We developed a media asset management system that enabled producers to search metadata from a wide variety of sources and review video assets from the desktop. The system has enabled the group to move to HD broadcasting much faster than before.

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