Our Business

Sadr Jahan Mining Development Co. has established to invest in pathways to opportunity through exploration, extraction, processing & production, especially in trading (buying, selling, importing and exporting)different types of mineral products.

Gold & Valuable Metals

Mineral resources can play a vital role in the development of the country’s economy, since gold has been considered in the monetary system of central banks as the reserve currency to back country liabilities.



Human Resources

Sadr Jahan has and will always look to create opportunities for our stakeholders (employees) to create pathways to opportunity especially in mining related industries such as: Geology, Mining Engineering, Mineral Processing, Remote Sensing, Metallurgy Engineering, Financial Management, Organization Management and …


South Hindu Abad-Ardestan Copper’s Mine, Isfahan ardestan-sjmdco

South Hindu Abad-Ardestan Copper’s Mine, Isfahan

Ardestan Hindu Abad copper mine is located 12 km south of Ardestan city. This mine …

Rashid Abad Gold and Copper mine – Zanjan sadr-jahan-rashid-abad-mines-air-map-1

Rashid Abad Gold and Copper mine – Zanjan

The Rashid-Abad gold-copper mine is located approximately 40 km northwest of …

Shadan Mine (Copper-Gold), South Khorasan shadan-mines-view-11

Shadan Mine (Copper-Gold), South Khorasan

The Shadan porphyry gold-copper project, is situated approximately 65 km…

Qapagh-Tape Gold and Copper Deposite-East Azarbaijan ghabagh-tapeh-41

Qapagh-Tape Gold and Copper Deposite-East Azarbaijan

The Gold and copper deposit of the Qabagh-Tape located on the southwest of the city…

Qazi Vali Gold and Copper deposit – East Azerbaijan ghazivali-2-1

Qazi Vali Gold and Copper deposit – East Azerbaijan

Qazi-vali gold and copper deposit is located in the west of the city of Myaneh in…

Gold Vargahan Deposite-Ardebil vargahan-mines-2

Gold Vargahan Deposite-Ardebil

The Gold Vargahan deposit is located in Meshkin-Shahr, Ardebil province. This area…

Strategic Goals

  • industry_finance

    Strategic Management

    Being Goal oriented (focuses on the mine industry in order to meet certain goals particularly in gold, Copper and valuable metals.)


    The controlled exploitation (optimization) of resources

    Deploying sophisticated value chain from mega scale low grade mines to reach economies of scale.

  • industry_other

    Learning Organization

    Support opportunities, well paid job and empowerment, for rural economic development and keep a good track on safety and environmental management.

  • industry_life_healthcare

    Leading in mining industry

    To be ranked in the top 5 holding companies in Iran’s mining industry by bringing innovative ways.

  • industry-tech

    Sustainable growth through balanced development of resources.

    Become among Iran top 100 companies from capitalization aspect.


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